Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And the winners are...

Here are the winners FOCUSequip Book Giveaway Contest.

They all receive a copy of Dr. Sri's book, A Biblical Walk Through the Mass.

All the winners will be notified regarding their mailing address so we can send you a book.

If you didn't win, maybe next time...

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Facebook winners
George Tysdal
Bryce Garber
Sarah Burke
Amy Vonderharr
Allison Savrda
Drew Snyder
Emily Clark
Joe Hopkins
Jim Schuster
Stephanie Trouba
Laura O'Grady
Benjamin Pio
Stephen Ernst
Steven Drapalik
Kathleen Gesterling

Twitter winners

Blog winners
Barbara Berg
Shannon Leary
Lindsey Carroll
Adam Diemert
Jessica Kratz

Thanks everyone for participating and spreading the word about FOCUSequip.org!

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