Monday, September 19, 2011

Bible Study Tips - Hospitality

Hospitality - The Right Environment
As the day of your first meeting draws near, set up the right meeting spot for your Bible study. Have a place that is inviting and comfortable for your group to come each week. Here are some tips to help make this happen:

  • Find an accessible and informal location that can be used or reserved each week. Dorm rooms and possibly hall lounges can work well as long as they are free from distractions and noise (and as long as your roommates approve.) Be sure there is enough room for all the members to be comfortable and to see one another.

  • Schedule a time when all of your group members can attend. As a rule of thumb, Monday-Thursday nights usually work the best.

  • Provide food and refreshments, especially the first few weeks. What college student doesn’t like free food! It also gives a natural activity for people to participate in as they arrive and begin to converse.

  • Bring extra Bibles in case a member doesn’t bring one.

  • For more on how-to be hospitable or how-to lead a Bible study, click here.

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