Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bible Study Tips - Praying for your Bible Study

Since our battle for souls is first and foremost a spiritual battle, it is essential to pray for those in our study on a consistent basis. We must remember it is God who changes lives, not us.

One practical way to do this is by utilizing 3x5 note cards. At the end of each Bible study, ask each member to give a prayer request. It is fine if they ask you to pray for someone else (for instance, a sick loved one or a friend struggling with an addiction). At the same time, ask them to state a request specifically in regards to their own relationship with God (for example, a spiritual goal they are working on).

When the Bible study is over, take the 3x5 note card you have assigned to each member and write their prayer request on the note card. Then, during your prayer time each day, pull out your 3x5 note cards and express these intentions to God.

In the end, nothing can replace prayer as the foundation of your Bible study. Make it your first priority.

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