Wednesday, October 19, 2011

JPII - The Early Years

Happy JPII Week!

The first feast day of Blessed John Paul II is this Saturday October 22nd.

Blessed John Paul II had an amazing life. And his story is really an amazing one from start to finish. We thought we would celebrate this week by blogging short biographies from different moments in his life.

Today, we look at his early years.

Blessed John Paul II was born Karol Wojtyla (pronounced Voy-TEE-wah) in Wadowice, Poland on May 18th, 1920. He was the third child. Karol, also known as Lolek, had a sister who died in infancy an older brother who was 14 years his senior. His father was a career soldier while the mother looked after the family and did some sowing part time. While still a baby, his mother once remarked to her neighbors, "You'll see, my Lolek will be a great man someday."

Tragedy soon struck the Wojtyla family. At the age of eight, Karol's mother passed away. His father would never remarry. His childhood continued with a strong spiritual upbringing, solid friendships and a rigorous education. Karol studied multiple languages, became president of the Marian society, and excelled at school, especially in regards to poetry and acting.

Karol would finish at the top of his class and enroll at Jagiellonian University to pursue literature and theater.


Check in later this week for more on the life JPII!

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